Building healthier, more connected communities

Whatever healthy means to you, join us to feel strong, motivated, and energised.


Moving with us is about how you feel - not how you look. It's about prioritising yourself, moving mindfully and feeling proud of your body. It's about connecting with others and being part of our community. CorePlus is a place to invest in yourself, with no pressure. Every class is instructor-led and free of judgement. We’re about people, and we believe we have the world’s best. From our instructors to the members we show up for every day, CorePlus is movement that moves you.


The unfakeable CorePlus community is here for you - however you need us. We believe in people, connection, and community, because we know we’re better together.


Our infrared heating technology is designed to gently penetrate the skin, detoxify your pores, and warm your muscles to reduce the risk of injury. Not to mention testing your focus and form!


Our diverse team bring a range of experience in Pilates, yoga, and reformer training. Sharing challenges and modifications to cater for everyone, they also bring their own personality, passion and flare to each and every class.