Become a qualified Pilates instructor

CorePlus School of Movement is designed to shape you into a class-ready instructor. Led by our team of expert trainers, we’re here to help transform your passion into your new purpose with our comprehensive mat and reformer Pilates teacher training. Course dates coming soon.


The first course will be held later this year and by registering your interest here you’ll be the first to know when we announce the dates and open enrollments. You’ll also receive a Course Guide with the answers to all of your burning questions about the training. 


Through this unique course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of mat and reformer Pilates, dive deep into anatomy and gain practical teaching skills and experience. You’ll walk away fully equipped to teach mat and reformer Pilates, offering you the opportunity to lead mindful movement in a variety of settings.


Learn from the best.

Learn from our world-class instructors who have years of real life experience, and have taught in some of the country’s best Pilates studios. 

Become a class-ready instructor. 

Go beyond theory and learn how to teach, so that you can walk out of the course as a class-ready and confident instructor.

Choose your own adventure

Once you have completed your course with CorePlus School of Movement, you can choose your career pathway. There will be opportunities with CorePlus Studios, but with your qualification you can teach in many different settings. 

Ongoing support

With continued connection to other alumni and ongoing support from trainers, you will feel confident to take the next step on your journey in the Pilates industry, whatever that may be. 

Be the best part of someone’s day

You might have experienced this yourself, but often those minutes on the mat or reformer are the only time someone will take for themselves in a day. It’s really special to be able to offer those moments of mindfulness, endorphins and connection as a skilled Pilates instructor. 


The CorePlus School of Movement is where passion meets purpose. Whether you’re looking to build a new life skill, strengthen your career potential, or deepen your love of movement, the CorePlus School of Movement is the perfect place to transform your passion into your purpose.


Unlock your potential as an instructor with a course that will leave you feeling energised, inspired and ready to step into a studio.  


Hours of learning led by our world-class team of trainers.


A hybrid course offering a balanced, engaging and fun approach to learning.


In person training will be held over 11 days across four weekends at our dedicated training facility in Port Melbourne.


Opportunities to step into the Pilates industry and teach anywhere with your qualification.


To find out more about Pilates teacher training with CorePlus School of Movement, download the course guide, or reach out below.