Do what you love and love what you do

We’re on a mission to give every person the opportunity to be better: to think clearer, to sleep sounder, to feel brighter and to act with total purpose, in every area of life. That’s the magic of yoga, Pilates and reformer, and that’s the magic of CorePlus. We believe those open to learning will outlast the know-it-alls. We believe that you can achieve anything, as long as you do it with purpose. If you’re of the same thinking then we’d love to hear from you.


Thanks for your interest in CorePlus and Instructing in our studios. Our Studio Partners will connect with you directly regarding recruitment. When you apply online your application is sent to the studios you have expressed interest in working at. Once we’ve identified if your availability aligns with our studio schedule, we will reach out to organise a Let’s Get to Know Each Other Session, this is where you can learn about what it’s like to work with us at CorePlus: our studios, classes, community and purpose. You’ll also have time so you can ask us anything you need to know. We’d also love you to lead us through a 5-minute sequence to show us your teaching skills and style. What you’ll need: A current qualification in either Pilates or Yoga (depending on what you’re wanting to teach for us), a love for what we do and who we are and a passion for community and creating strong, empowering and energetic classes. Register your interest and come and visit us in studio, we can’t wait to get you on-board!


Once you have completed a successful Let’s Get to Know Each Other Session with one of our studios, you will hear from us regarding the next upcoming Sequence training dates. This is where you will learn everything you need to know about leading a CorePlus class! Our internal sequence training is offered at no cost to you and is designed over a few short days to set you up for success in leading classes across our network of studios. If you have any questions, feel free to email us:



Learn from the best! Our facilitator team bring a diverse range of experience and knowledge in yoga, Pilates and functional movement over many years of practice.

“I am so impressed by all the phenomenal trainers that ran my sequence training. They all provided so much knowledge, support and encouragement which made the whole process so positive.” - Prue R


Following successful completion of our Sequence training, you are provided with many opportunities to work in and amongst our incredible studio communities with consistent opportunities for personal and professional development.

“The training was a wonderful experience with facilitators who were passionate and engaging allowing everyone to feel safe in the space. The training programme was perfect preparation to teach at CorePlus studios.” – Mohini B


CorePlus is proud of our modern approach to fitness and wellbeing. We’ve scoured the globe to fuse the most effective elements of exercise together, and we want to pass that onto you.

“Absolutely loved the Core Plus training process. The in depth content and highly skilled facilitators made it easy to learn, understand feedback and instruct within the formats and space” – Anastasia A


Whether you’ve been teaching for years or are newly qualified; the CorePlus Sequence training is designed to provide you with opportunities to grow and develop your skills as an instructor and give you all the tools for a successful career in the industry.

“The facilitators were really engaging from the get go. They shared a lot of knowledge that was key in learning the CorePlus way of planning and implementing their class style. I was provided with detailed feedback which helped me really understand cueing techniques and they made me feel at ease when completing my mock assessment. Overall, I would say it was a lot of hard work but also very rewarding and felt amazing when I taught my first class.” – Eve C